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A mentoring unlike any other!


Ways To Support Us

The Ladybug Scholarship will be awarded to a young lady who has been involved in community service. All donations made will be going towards funds for the scholarship!

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The PayPal Giving Fund is where we collect donations that will fund general programs and events for GMG.

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Recent Events

3 Year Anniversary

October 2022

Girls Mentor Girls, Inc. turned 3 years old! We have grown enormously and impacted the lives of so many young girls. The girls got together to reflect on their journey and celebrate each other's progress professionally, academically, and mentally!

What We Offer

Peer Mentorship

Community Networking

Personal & Professional Development

Safer Spaces 



Partners with


Lead Mentor


My name is Alonza Alvarez, I was born and raised in the Bronx and Girl Mentor Girls has significantly impacted my life.  My journey with Girls Mentor Girls started at the middle school I attended in the Bronx, [The Girls' Circle], in 2013. From then up until now GMG has contributed to my personal growth significantly... [Click button below to read more!]


"The Girls Gazette" Newsletter & GMG Blog


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