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Read carefully, and apply!

Denise McLaughlin Ladybug Scholarship

In honor of our dear friend and former board member Denise McLaughlin, Girls Mentor Girls would like to award a dedicated young lady who is an active member of her community and the communities around her.


This scholarship fund will be awarded to a charitable young lady who displays selfless and genuine characteristics. An individual who is consistently working to uplift and support communities in any way that she deems fit will be recommended as a recipient for this award. Priority will be given to 12th grade GMG members.

Application is live 

Application will be live on January 1, 2024

Application will be due March 22, 2024

Amount: $2,000 USD

“The tiny ladybug reminds us that even with limited resources and simple actions, one person can make a big difference in the world.”

About Denise McLaughlin 

Denise McLaughlin

To be a humanitarian today is to have compassion for every person, regardless of their past. A humanitarian is thought to encourage a better future for others. A person involved in or connected to improving people's lives and reducing suffering. To be clear and concise in a non-judgmental manner when engaging with others. To work from the heart and not the ego. That was Denise McLaughlin. Mclaughlin was a successful accountant, owned property in the Bronx serving as a landlord, started and managed a skincare product line called Saint Bath Naturels, received an additional degree in theology, and was an active member in the Organization of International Development, which conducts medical missions across the Caribbean and Africa and the United States, and joined on the The Girls Mentor Girls, Inc. board of directors a few months before her passing. These of course are just a few things that contributed to her day to day. Her presence was humbling, she was compassionate and nonetheless a true humanitarian. McLaughlin was an active member of her and many other communities around the world. She was proactively working on a variety of things that could change the lives of others without the expectation of something in return. She was a courteous and pleasant individual, and the impact that she has made on other's has led to the initiation of this scholarship fund. 

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